About us


I've always had a heart for others to succeed in life. As a young man, my hunger for God leads me to encourage others in their relationship with Him. Now, I'm dedicated to helping people like you fulfill the calling and live a life full of purpose.

How I Started

Apostle Shane Wall started training ministers with the purpose to help equip the body of Christ with spiritually competent leaders after receiving a call from the Lord in 2003. 

Year after year it became clear that church leaders are eager to be trained and prepared in a practical, hands-on manner. We established Guaranteed Church Growth in November 2021 to better support pastors and leaders in their desire to grow as leaders so that their churches may reach more people and have a greater impact.

Guaranteed Church Growth continues to breathe new life into churches that seek something new after years of tradition.


We’re living in a time when people are less likely to join a church— in person or online, yet there are still ways to reach those who are in your area and longing for the fellowship you offer.

Church growth can be guaranteed when your church discovers…

The Guaranteed Church Growth Seminars include…

Call or write us to reserve dates  to conduct the Guaranteed Church Growth seminars at your church:

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