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The ABCs of Shane Wall
A: Advertiser

Kingdom Advertising — Social Media Advertising for Ministries

For 13 of the 14 years of Facebook Ads’ existence, Shane Wall has been a Facebook Ads Specialist— providing his proven social media advertising methods for small to multi-million dollar ministries who consistently exclaim how pleased they are with their results.

B: Books

Bestselling author focused on self-empowerment according to God’s Word

Shane Wall has authored three books:


C: Communications

Invite Dr. Wall to preach

Shane Wall has been ministering the Word of God for over 38 years. As an international speaker, he’s ministered for Christian church services, seminars, schools, etc. Featured on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural, his worldwide Supernatural Bootcamps have helped to train countless people to successfully operate in the supernatural by taking the spookiness out of walking with the Holy Spirit.

He’s also the founder of Lightway Christian University which features online Ministry Training courses because people are busy with their everyday lives, but they know that they’re called by God to do something now for Him. LCU trains its student with proven lessons and other tools that are directly acquired from the same methods that Jesus Christ used to train His disciples for successful ministry.

LCU also provides on-site evaluation and training for churches to help them increase the flow of in-person and online attendance to their church services with their Guaranteed Church Growth weekend seminars. A team will visit your church and meet with your leaders to assist in developing a successful plan to increase membership and engagement of current and prospective members.

Begin your journey at Lightway Christian University

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real stories

I've been a student of Apostle Wall for 6 years and I'm so grateful to God for his leadership. I am able to flow in my gifts and feel confident in my relationship with Jesus.
Ashlee Marshall
/ Art Teacher
What a wonderful gift from heaven Dr. Wall is to me personally. I've received unexpected healing and have grown so much in the spirit. A million thanks!
Screen Shot 2021-12-14 at 10.27.33 AM
Steven Sexton
/ Regional Nurse
I moved to South Carolina from Texas because of Apostle Wall's teaching. It's the best decision I've ever made in my life. I'm a new man and know my purpose. Glory to God for Apostle Shane Wall's life and ministry.
Dejaun Jackson
/ Professional Freeloader
I'm a younger student of Apostle Wall but really feel that I'm growing spiritually because of how down-to-earth his teaching is. I'm able to help my friends solve problems and introduce them to Jesus. It's amazing.
illiana Fowler
/ 7th Grader

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